Tropical Update (No Immediate Threats) – August 29, 2022

CLICK HERE is a quick tropical update since we’ve gotten some questions about the uptick in tropical activity over the last couple of days.

The tropics are becoming more active and NHC is now monitoring four different areas for development. Three of them, including the disturbance in the Caribbean, have a low (20% or less) chance of developing in the next five days.

The disturbance over the central tropical Atlantic appears likely to become a tropical depression or tropical storm in the next 5 days, with a 70% chance of development. Should it become a tropical storm, the next name on the list is Danielle.

Potential impacts:

  • None of these disturbances pose any immediate threats to the local area
  • The disturbance in the Caribbean could indirectly result in some extra moisture moving into the local area with increased rain chances next weekend
  • Currently, most guidance suggests that the central tropical Atlantic system will remain at sea. However, it is still quite far out and models do struggle with forecasts before there is a defined center to lock on to. For that reason, the system should continue to be monitored and we will certainly send an update if the threat to the local area looks to be increasing.

For now, we are encouraging the public to review their plans and make sure their supply kits are in good order for the remainder of the season. We are now in the peak of hurricane season and it’s always a good idea to review plans/gather supplies before they’re needed.