Several Ponchatoula Streets Close Briefly Thursday to Stage Crane at North Hoover Bridge for Continued Repairs

PONCHATOULA—On Thursday, March 21, motorists can expect a series of street closures in the vicinity of North Hoover Road as contractors move a large crane from the north side of the bridge opening all the way to the south side of that closure area.

Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller said both lanes of traffic will be closed on several streets as the industrial crane is transported from the north side of Tiger Creek around several streets and then staged close to the Highway 22 side of N. Hoover Road.

Miller said the move is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. An escort vehicle will lead the crane as it travels North Hoover Road to Sisters Road where it will travel southwest to the intersection of North 1st Street and then LA 22 east back to North Hoover Road where it will be staged at the south end of the bridge site at Tiger Creek Lane.

Miller said streets will be briefly closed as the crane makes its way back to the southern end of the bridge opening.

“I know this will create some delays, but we ask everyone to be patient and exercise caution as this very large piece of equipment is being moved,” Miller said.