Public Works – Andy Currier


My name is Andy Currier and I’m the Tangipahoa Parish Public Works Director. Tangipahoa Parish Public Works Department is in charge of overseeing the daily activities of road and bridge and the maintenance associated there with road and bridges in Tangipahoa Parish and also to efficiently and effectively dispose of the garbage accumulated here in Tangipahoa Parish. The single most important goal for the Public Works Department is to serve the citizens of Tangipahoa Parish in the most efficient and economic way possible in regards to road and bridge maintenance and also a garbage collection out at the landfill.

We have an ongoing literary education program that was started 2018 where we go into the schools and we actually have an education program, a 10 week program, and we actually end the class with a field trip to the landfill. I would probably consider littering to be one of the biggest things that people do that make our job difficult. I mean, it’s an ongoing battle. It’s a battle that’s totally unnecessary. Tangipahoa Parish Road and Bridge Department is a very high priority. These functions are vital to the citizens of Tangipahoa Parish because without these functions, people wouldn’t be able to get to in front of the places that they’ve got to go, work, grocery, school.

The citizens of Tangipahoa Parish are the reason we do what we do.