Planning Department – Nic LeBlanc


My name is Nic Leblanc. I’m the building official with Tangipahoa Parish Permit Office. Primarily, my department handles three major facets of government. So, we handle new construction, permitting, plan review and inspections and that really runs everything from a single family home to a large department store. We’re also in charge of flood planning management. So, we’re going to make sure we enforce all of FEMAs guidelines, The National Flood Insurance Program, and also facilitate a number of grant opportunities from elevating structures, acquisitions of properties, and we also handled the code enforcement.

So, a lot of the laws that Parish council pass, we are tasked with enforcing that. So, everything from high grass and trash to salvage yard permits, junked vehicles, things of that nature. Some of the problems that our office solves has to do with The National Flood Insurance Program for the citizens of Tangipahoa Parish. Another problem that our office helps facilitate is understanding the building code and the inspection and permitting process.

So, one of the things that we’re especially excited about lately, is our online permitting, that allows for all of our permits from an electrical meter transfer permit to a building permit. They’re available now online, so you can submit all of these documents. And it gives a good checklist on our website, you can link through and tells you exactly what we need in order to process that permit. We also have those handouts available in the office if you would prefer to do that in person, you can come to either of our offices. We have one in Amite on Mulberry Street. And the other office is on Club Deluxe, directly behind the health unit in the Clausen building.

I’m very proud of our efficiency for issuing permits. We’re on a one day turnaround on all residential projects. And with the amount of grants we have recently been awarded, just shows how dedicated our staff is to Tangipahoa Parish and its citizens, to make sure that we’re getting them the help that they need and deserve.