Officials Urge Water Conservation on Eastern Heights Water System

Due to issues with extremely low water pressure, customers on the Eastern Heights Water system are being urged to conserve water this afternoon.

Earlier today, water pressure dropped significantly. Crews are shutting off the main valve to build pressure in the tank, located off Sweetwater Road east of Independence.

Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller said his office is closely monitoring the situation involving the private water system which serves approximately 700 families in the mid parish area east of the Tangipahoa River.

“We are encouraging Eastern Heights customers to do their part to conserve water at this time,” Miller said. “The goal is to refill the tank and hopefully be able to restore water service to customers later this evening.”

While Tangipahoa Parish Government does not operate the private water service, parish leaders have been helping the company as it prepares to transfer its operations to the Tangipahoa Water District.