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Excessive Rainfall Update - Thursday August 25, 2022

Click HERE and HERE for an update concerning the current heavy rain threat.


WHAT: SLIGHT RISK of Excessive Rainfall today.

WHEN:  The shower and thunderstorm coverage should increase later this morning and into the afternoon.

WHERE:  Threat for today is for the entire area.

CONFIDENCE: We are confident that there will be thunderstorms across the area and moderate to high confidence in heavy rainfall somewhere across portions of the forecast area today. Exactly where this occurs has a lower confidence level. Heavily urbanized and other flood-prone areas may experience flooding today, especially if multiple storms impact the same location(s).


  • Rainfall rates up to 3 to 4 inches per hour could cause flooding of low-lying and poorly drained areas.

  • Expect ponding of water in low-lying and some potential for localized flash flooding

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