Tenant Information

Recertification Process

Federal regulations require that all families participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program report their income and family composition at least once every year.

Make sure that you complete the re-certification application, sign, and date all forms and bring them with you to your interview.

In addition, please bring income verification for all family members and information regarding bank accounts and other assets. Any documents used to verify income and/or assets must be original documents. Examples of income/asset verification are listed below. All documents must be current within 60 days of your interview date.

  • Food Stamp Print Out
  • Child Support Verification (notarized letter from absent parent, print out from CAFE System, and/or court order)
  • SSI and Social Security Benefits (Award letter)
  • Employment (last 4 pay stubs if paid bi-weekly or monthly, last 8 pay stubs if paid weekly)
  • Pension/Retirement (Award letter)
  • Unemployment Verification (award letter from Unemployment Compensation and current stub or exhaust letter)
  • Federal Income Tax Return (previous year)
  • Family contribution (if you claim no income) – you must bring in verification of all loss of income that was previously counted.


Bring in any of the following verification that applies to your family:

  • Picture ID (All household members 18 years and older)
  • Birth Certificates (New household members only)
  • Social Security Cards (New household members only)
  • Utility Bills (Electric, Water, and etc.)
  • Bank Accounts/Assets (Savings, checks, stocks, bonds, property, IRA’s mutual funds, annuities, trust, inheritances, settlements) – two most monthly statements or letter from bank stating current balance and annual interest rate or bank/pass book.
  • Full Time Student Status (Students 18 or older) – current letter from the registrar or admissions office
  • Medical Deduction (Households in which the head/spouse is at least 62 or a person with disabilities) – printout from pharmacy or receipts for medication and/or medical visits.
  • Child Care (Provider’s name, address, and Social Security/Federal ID number, and phone number) – request a form from our office.


If you have any questions, please contact Joyce Jackson-Davis at 985-748-8474 or [email protected].

If you are 62 year of age or older or a person with disabilities and require special assistance to complete your annual examination, please contact the above person and arrangements will be made to accommodate your needs. Please be advised that if you fail to keep this appointment or call to reschedule, your Housing Choice Voucher Assistance may be terminated.

Waiting List

The waiting list is currently closed.