Evacuation Routes

If a hurricane heads toward Tangipahoa Parish, you may need to evacuate quickly. It’s essential to be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice before the hurricane season arrives.

You can start by keeping your vehicles well-maintained and topped off with fuel. Also, keep extra fuel on hand for generators and propane grills in case you cannot evacuate. If you’re living in an RV or mobile home, finding a more secure location to ride out the storm is best.

If you can evacuate, use the proper routes to get out of the area fast. Put your emergency kit in your vehicle and bring all your important documents. Remember to shut off your electricity, water, and gas at the main source before leaving. If possible, start your journey during the daylight hours.

Always take your pets with you when evacuating. If you cannot take them where you’re going, bring them to a shelter for care. They will be registered and cared for until you return home.