GOHSEP Release- GOHSEP Launches Case Management Program To Aid Hurricane Ida Survivors

GOHSEP Launches Case Management Program to Aid Hurricane Ida Survivors

BATON ROUGE  (June 29, 2022)- The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) has launched a new program to provide Hurricane Ida survivors with free guidance from disaster case managers. The case managers will help those impacted by Ida determine their best path to recovery, along with providing assistance to access a variety of available resources.

The Hurricane Ida Disaster Case Management Program is funded by FEMA. Disaster case managers will connect survivors to available recovery resources, provide assistance with FEMA appeal and assist in developing a personalized disaster recovery plan. That process involves assessing each survivor’s unmet needs, helping create goal-oriented plans outlining what steps need to be taken to recover, bringing together information and services, and monitoring progress to reach goals.

“We know that many people are still struggling with recovery following Hurricane Ida and that everyone’s situation is different. There is no single recovery solution that fits everyone,” said GOHSEP Director Casey Tingle. “With so many people still displaced and impacted, the state is implementing this program to connect Hurricane Ida survivors with resources that can help with their unique, unmet recovery needs.”

Twenty-five Louisiana parishes were declared federal disaster areas following Hurricane Ida. The program has designated four disaster case management organizations to handle cases in impacted parishes. For more information and to apply, visit www.getagameplan.org/idadcmp.

To view and download the official release, click here.

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