Florida Parishes Arena – Kelly Wells


My name is Kelly Wells and I’m the director of the Florida Parishes Arena. The Florida Parishes Arena hosts a multitude of events throughout the year, with the main arena itself and the event center. We have the main arena, which is 220 by 110 in size. We have an event center that was built, that’s climate control, the indoor. We also have 35 RV sites with a dump station on site. Some of the questions that I get as director of the Florida Parishes Arena from people within the parish, how much money does it cost to rent the facility? Every event, depending upon the restrictions and the design of the event, may dictate a different cost.

The Florida Parishes Arena itself has been recognized by numerous associations throughout the years as a premier host facility. I personally am one of 20 people nationwide that have been awarded and recognized as a certified arena manager through the league of agriculture and equine centers. Well, if someone’s interested in renting the Florida Parishes Arena or our event center, they’re more than welcome to visit our website at www.fparena.com, call our number at (985) 748-5914. My goal for the Florida Parishes Arena, as director, would be to offer quality customer service at a fair and equitable price for our customers.