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The information included in these pages has been compiled by Parish staff from a variety of sources at different times and scales, and is subject to change without notice. The data presented on this website are not survey products. Parcel and/or lot boundaries displayed are not to be used for legal purposes. For example, the data may not be used to certify that a parcel of land is or is not in a floodplain. The User accepts the data "as is", with no guarantees or warranties of accuracy, currency, completeness, or fitness for any use.

The User waives any/all responsibility of the Parish Government, explicit or implied, for any damages or liabilities caused through the use of the data in any way. The Parish shall not be liable for any occurrence or activity relating to the data including, but not limited to, lost time, lost profits, fitness of the data for a particular purpose, installation of the data, or results obtained from any use of the data.

Individuals or companies may download maps on this site and may reproduce the information for internal use. The sale of data from this site is strictly prohibited.

For further information related to parcels and/or lots contact Andrew Faller at the Assessor’s office.

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