Contact Directory

Robby Miller

Parish President

As Parish President, I am the Chief Executive Officer of the Parish. [more]

Joe Thomas

Chief Administrative Officer

As Chief Administrative Officer, I supervise all departments, offices and… [more]

Ronda Durbin

Executive Assistant, Parish President and CAO

I am Ronda Durbin, the Executive Assistant to Parish President Robby Miller… [more]

Ginger Cangelosi

Executive Director, Tangipahoa Economic Development

My goal is to attract new jobs and investment in our parish and enhance the… [more]

Andy Currier

Director, Public Works

I oversee operations of Tangipahoa Parish’s Road & Bridge Department… [more]

Misty Evans, P.E.

Parish Engineer

As the parish engineer, I manage, coordinate, and review the many highway and… [more]

Missy Cowart, CPA

Director of Finance

It is my responsibility to oversee the budgeting, accounting, and financial… [more]

Tracie Schillace

Director, Tangipahoa Planning Department and CFM

As the Planning Director and Floodplain Manager, my role is to maximize the… [more]

Roshanda Johnson

Director, Human Resources

As Director of Human Resources, I provide the parish with employees that… [more]

Bridget Bailey

Director, Community Development

As the Director of Community Development, I seek to create effective strategic… [more]

Tonya Mabry

Director, Housing

As the Director of Housing, my role is to oversee the daily operations,… [more]

Chip Fitz

Director, Animal Control (Animal Services)

In my role as Director of Animal Control, I oversee the daily operations of… [more]

Dawson Primes

Director, Homeland Security and Emergency Management

I am responsible for parish-wide emergency planning involving multiple agency… [more]

Tina Roper

Director, Workforce Development

My position as Workforce Development Director helps oversee the workforce… [more]

Chris Chappell

Director, Internal Compliance

I oversee Safety, Internal Affairs, Training, and Internal Compliance for the… [more]

Nic Leblanc

Certified Building Official

As Building Official, I oversee the daily operations of the Permit Office. [more]

Charles Terrell

Road & Bridge Superintendent

I oversee the maintenance of the parish roads and bridges, grass cutting,… [more]

Kelly S. Wells

Director, Florida Parishes Arena

My role for the Florida Parishes Arena as Director, and Retention… [more]

John Dunnington

Chief Information Officer

It is my job to enable the vision, goals and strategic plan of Tangipahoa… [more]

Nathan Diamond

Director of Code Enforcement/Litter Coordinator

I oversee the Tangipahoa Parish Code Enforcement Department and officers. [more]