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PSA - Early Voting and 8/15/2020 Election information

Early Voting began this morning and will continue through August 8th, 2020 for the August 15th election. We will be available from 8:30AM – 6:00 PM.   

The emergency plan approved by the Governor and the Louisiana Legislature extends the Early Voting period from 1 week to 2 weeks for the July and August elections. 

The Registrar of Voters Office is taking every precaution available to maintain a clean environment for all voters to cast their ballot and feel confident and safe while doing so. We are cleaning pens, voter cards and screens between every voter and wearing our masks while assisting any public matters. 

Below you will see two graphics that share dates, times and deadlines related to the upcoming election. 

The August 8th, 2020 election ONLY includes inside the city limits for:

City of Hammond  and Town of Independence


sample ballot for Tangipahoa city elections



Louisiana election quick facts for August 15, 2020 election

There are only 27 precincts involved in the 08/15/2020 election. Some of the precincts are partial precincts (meaning only those living INSIDE the city limits are eligible to vote)

Any questions about whether or not someone is included in the August election should be forwarded to or Visit our website for more information or to view a sample ballot. 

Thank you,

Andi L. Matheu
Registrar of Voters
Tangipahoa Parish

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