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Proposed Regulations for Subdivision Development

Contact: Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller
(985) 748-3211

AMITE—The Tangipahoa Parish Council’s recently-appointed special subdivision and development review committee has reached a consensus that may help the Parish end the temporary development moratorium adopted by the Parish Council earlier this year.

According to Committee Chairman David Vial, this group was tasked with addressing public concerns dealing with drainage, flooding, stormwater mitigation and detention, traffic, and land clearing. Vial said each of these issues has to be done with proper consideration given to the pressures for residential growth in the Parish, environmental standards, the diversity of housing needs, property values, and the general welfare of residents living within high growth areas.

At this time, there appears to be a consensus of committee members and technical advisors to the Council who believe that wetland, floodplains, and floodway areas need to be preserved as much as is possible; that the increasing level of traffic has to be better planned for; that stormwater has to be detained and directed; and that the impact of population growth on schools must be considered by the Tangipahoa Parish School Board.

At this time, the committee is proposing a density lot bonus for developers in exchange for undeveloped set-aside sensitive environmental lands such as wetlands and 100-year floodplains, and keeping such properties maintained as open space. The Parish is also considering dividing itself into a growing planned urbanized area and a slower growth rural area, with different minimum lot sizes in each area.

The Parish Council will consider the proposed changes in more detail at its upcoming meetings, which will be open to the public.

The requirement for land clearing permits for non-agricultural property larger than five acres in size--not including single family homes--is being proposed, along with more detention and retention of stormwater through open-space preservation. The recommendation also includes requirements for traffic impact information and the use of Best Management Practices.

The public may review the proposed changes available on the Parish’s website at under the “Public News & Update” link.

CLICK HERE to view the Tangipahoa 2048 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Map.

CLICK HERE to view the Recommendations for Subdivision Development.

CLICK HERE to view the ordinance to amend the Tangipahoa Parish subdivision regulations.

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