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FAQs From The Registrar Of Voters Office

Due to an abundance of phone calls received about early voting, here are some FAQs about the upcoming election.

  • Can the Registrar of Voters office change ANY of my registration information without my knowledge or letting me know?
    ​The RoV cannot edit a registration record without the required documentation and signature of the voter. If the RoV receives the proper documentation to register a voter or update a voters registration, a new voter id card is mailed to the mailing address on record with our office.
  • What is the Presidential Preference Primary?
    A PPP, commonly referred to as a “Presidential Primary,” is an election in which voters nominate their choice to be a political party's candidate for President in the general election.
  • How can I change my voter information?
    You may change your voter information online or come into either of our offices to do so in person. In addition to those options, there are 3rd party agencies that are required to ask if you would like to register to vote or update your voter information. When the RoV receives the documentation from those agencies (with voter signature) we will register a new voter or update our voter records. * a new voter id card is then mailed to the mailing address on record with RoV office.
  • How can I check my voter information?
    You may check your voter information online , come into either office or call us to obtain your registration information.

​The Secretary of States office also offers a mobile app for smart phones.

Further information from the Louisiana Secretary of States website:

Presidential Preference Primary

The Presidential Preference Primary is held statewide in the Spring of each presidential election year. In 2020, the Presidential Preference Primary will be held on July 11, 2020. It allows the electors of each political party having 40,000 or more registered voters to express their preference for their party's presidential nominee.

The Democratic, Republican, and Independent Parties in Louisiana have 40,000 plus registered voters and therefore have a Presidential Preference Primary election. **There was no candidate for the Independent party in the July 11, 2020 election. 

The parties govern by their rules who can vote in the election. Presently only registered Democratic voters can vote in the Democratic Party primary, registered Republicans in the Republican Party primary, and registered Independents in the Independent Party primary. These primaries are closed to all other registered voters.

For more information please visit our website or the Secretary of State’s website . 


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