News & Updates for Tangipahoa Parish

EOC Activation, Self-Serve Sandbags, Etc. Ahead of Tropical Storm Nicholas

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Due to the approach of Hurricane Nicholas, President Robby Miller has filed a declaration of emergency for Tangipahoa Parish. Under the terms of the declaration which was signed Tuesday afternoon, Miller’s “state of emergency” order activates the parish’s Emergency Operations Center in Amite[...]

Hurricane Ida Update: Recovery Forecasts by Region

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Here is some basic forecast information for the next few days broken down by region.
The main weather threats over the next few days will be rising rivers as well as potential for dangerous heat conditions due to lack of reliable air conditioning across the area. 
The forecasts below currently go through Thursday. Beyond Thursday, a drier air mass is currently expected to help bring some relief to the humidity which should provide a bit of relief from the higher heat index values.

Hurricane Ida Update -- Sunday, August 29, 2021 11PM

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IDA is still a very dangerous hurricane. This event is only just beginning across portions of the area and will continue to unfold over the next 24 hours.

Forecasts have been adjusted now that Ida is moving inland. Do not let a lack of significant impacts in your area make you think that this will be a non-event


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