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Tropical Storm Marco and Tropical Storm Laura update - Monday August 24, 10am

Click HERE to see the 10 AM slides from the NWS.

Here is an update concerning Tropical Storm Marco and Tropical Storm Laura. 

Changes from previous update: 

  • No significant changes from previous update


  • Marco is expected to have mostly minor impacts on the area, mainly in the form of minor coastal flooding

  • Laura could have more significant impacts on portions of the area during the Wednesday/Thursday time frame


  • We are confident Marco will have mostly minor impacts on the area

  • We are confident Laura will have some impact on the area, but are less confident in the magnitude of those impacts

Impacts from Marco:

  • Mostly minor coastal flooding. Potential inundation:

    • Open coast from Morgan City to Ocean Springs: 2 to 4 ft

    • Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas: 2 to 3 ft

    • Open coast Ocean Springs to AL Border: 2 to 3 ft

  • Heavy rainfall would be possible if any bands redevelop closer to Marco's main core

  • Tropical storm force winds, mainly in gusts will be possible primarily in coastal areas

  • One or two short live and fast moving tornadoes will be possible if

Impacts from Laura:

  • TS Laura could bring more significant impacts to portions of the area, mainly west of the Mississippi River

  • Remember that impacts can occur outside the forecast cone

  • There is potential for moderate to major coastal flooding depending on Laura's track and intensity

  • There is potential for heavy rainfall where any of Laura's outer bands track

Additional Information and Resources:

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