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We have an ongoing litter education program that was started 2018 where we go in to the schools and we actually have an education program, a 10 week program, that we go over with the kids over a 10 week period. We actually end the class with a field trip to the landfill. This program has been very well received. We still consider it to be in its early stages. I anticipate a lot more growth as the program becomes more widely known throughout the parish. So far we've only been able to reach a portion of the classes that we want to be in. We want to eventually reach all the classes in Tangipahoa Parish.

We try to focus on elementary age kids, fourth graders to be exact, because we feel like that's an age where they're old enough to understand the message we're trying to deliver and also, again, young enough to soak it up and really accept what we're bringing to them.

We feel that the litter education program and the litter awareness program is very important because part of what we do in the Road and Bridge Department is litter removal from roadside ditches. So we are trying to get into these homes of these children at early age so they can be made aware of some of the hazards and environmentally what littering causes to our environment, the economic burden that it places on the citizens at this parish.

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