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Louisiana Retailers Association - Operating Restrictions

Good Afternoon- Retailers are reporting a patchwork of restrictions across the state covering occupancy, operating hours, what items should be sold in essential retail stores, how many people can shop per basket, etc. In some circumstances these restrictions are being implemented at city or town level, while others are parishwide. It is becoming increasingly challenging for retailers that operate statewide to comply with so many different regulations. Many retailers have already implemented companywide restrictions that may exceed the following recommendations, but as an industry, we developed the following guidelines to consider for communities that see the need for enhanced measures (please see attached document also):

Recommended Retail Guidelines

•Occupancy should be capped at no less than 50% of store capacity, based on fire marshal regulations, excluding employees and vendors. This approach allows for less density based on store size, rather than a "one size fits all" approach of a set number of customers or shopping carts.

•Retailers should utilize signage and in store announcements to remind customers of social distancing protocols.

•Retailers should utilize signage to request single person shopping trips.

•Store hour limitations should follow the guidelines of the 10:00 pm to 5:00 am curfew as suggested in Proclamation Number 41 JBE 2020. In the event that an earlier closing time than 10:00 pm is implemented pharmacies should be allowed to operate until at least 9:00 pm in order to provide prescription drug services to essential workers.

•We would like to stress that restrictions on the sale of non-essential items is not recommended. Aisles and shelves offer a mix of goods and roping off an entire area may prevent customers from retrieving their essential items. Roping off areas also potentially conflicts with applicable fire safety codes and could limit access for disabled customers as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These restrictions also cause tension and divert time away from necessary activities, such as stocking shelves and sanitizing stores.

Also, we are trying to track the restrictions that have already been implemented. If possible, please ask the officials in your parish to send any updates on curfews and restrictions to We appreciate everyone's efforts to safeguard communities and stop the spread of COVID-19, and we hope these recommendations are helpful and can be shared as guidelines to consider. 

Thank You, 

Jessica Elliott

Louisiana Retailers Association 

(225) 344-9481


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