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LABEOC Update - 31 March 2020

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LABEOC Update - 31 March 2020

As of noon (12:00 PM) today, Louisiana has 5,237 diagnosed cases, 239 deaths and 1,355 patients hospitalized (438 requiring ventilators) associated with the outbreak.

Texas Travel Quarantine. Refer here for exemptions to the Texas travel quarantine.

DHS National Cyber Awareness System. DHS CISAprovides business with an overview of current cyber activity, recent vulnerabilities, and access to alerts, bulletins, and analysis reports on current activity and threats.

Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. Guy Fieri and the National Restaurant Association have launched a relief fund to give $500 checks to restaurant workers affected by Coronavirus. Here's how it works: Restaurant workers can apply for a grant paid for by the NRAEF fund starting Thursday, April 2, and will receive a one-time $500 check within three weeks to use toward housing, medical bills, student loans, groceries, and other expenses. The NRAEF stipulated that these grants would be administered on a "first-come, first-served basis." Apply, Donate or Visit Here

Assistance for Small Businesses, U.S. Treasury. The Paycheck Protection Program prioritizes millions of Americans employed by small businesses by authorizing up to $349 billion toward job retention and certain other expenses. Small businesses and eligible nonprofit organizations, Veterans organizations, and Tribal businesses described in the Small Business Act, as well as individuals who are self-employed or are independent contractors, are eligible if they also meet program size standards. View Details Here

BRAC releases Economic Impact Dashboard.

Businesses Seeking to Do Business with the State.Vendors and companies seeking to do business with the state during the COVID-19 response should use the LaPAC website. Bids on requirements are released daily to support on-going response and recovery efforts.

Chris J. DeGuelle 
LABEOC Director

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