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Code Enforcement Cites Suspect In Illegal Dump On CC Road In East Bedico Creek

Contact: Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miiler (985) 748-3211

BEDICO—On Monday, June 15, 2021, a concerned citizen notified Tnaigpahoa Parish Government of an illegal dumping which occured on CC Road in Ponchoatula. The citizen observed an individual throwing garbage bags from a truck into East Bedico Creek. Tangipahoa Parish Code Enforcement Officers responded to the location and based on their location, were able to identify the offender. Anthony L. Cavona, Jr., was cited by the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office for illegal littering under Tangipahoa Parish Ordinance Section 18-4, which carries of possible fine for $250 and eight hours of community service in litter abatement clean up work. Code Enforcement officers also insured Mr. Canova clean up the trash he illegally dumped.

Parish President Robby Miller said, “Thanks to the information provided by a concerned citizen, we were once again able to identify of and hold accountable someone who chose to disrespect our community by dumping trash into one of our local waterways. I cannot stress enough how seriously we take such offenses. We will not tolerate illegal dumping in Tangipahoa Parish!” Miller said.

Citizens who witness illegal dumping are encouraged to report those incidents to Tangipahoa Parish Code Enforcement at (985) 602-9081 or email You can also report illegal dumping and littering on the website,

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